Hillside Bins supports local river shoreline cleanup

Hillside Bins recently had the pleasure of working with members of the Chilliwack River Valley crew.

Through some amazing persistence pressuring local government and media they were able to organize the cleanup of an abandoned homeless camp on Chilliwack River Rd. where the debris and garbage had begun to encroach on the Chilliwack river. The water was literally washing over the debris!

Hillside Bin Services was more than happy to donate our time and a 20-yard bin rental to help haul away the non recyclable refuse to the local landfill.

Homeless camps litter most of our accessible back country now and pose a very serious threat to the environment, human and wildlife health, and horrifically deface our beautiful backyard. While there are many who choose to live an unplugged lifestyle and respect the environment, there are far too many more who suffer from mental illness and addiction that accumulate an absurd amount of stolen property and garbage for no logical reason and leave it strewn about their camp.  Constant pressure needs to be placed on our governing bodies to address these issues.

We look forward to helping out on cleanup events in the future.

UPDATE: This event even made the local news!

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